• Car's Pick up/dropp off  service at the airport or directly at your accommodation
  • Unlimited kilometers
  • Navigator
  • Smartphone: in each car you will have a smartphone with italian simcard (to have unlimited credit for all Italian calls and free unlimited internet connection)
  • We follow you service ( you can dropp off the car in any town or place that you prefer, at the end of your holiday)
  • wi fi


All the cars have:

Air conditioniong

Parking sensors



1 Your Responsibility

You are responsible to us if the vehicle is lost or damaged, as well as for traffic fines and other charges that arise during the rental.

2 Damage

You should check the vehicle for damage before you drive away and record any variations on the Vehicle Condition Report. This helps to avoid damage disputes on return.

3 Insurance & Waivers

Read the Rental Agreement carefully to understand your obligations for use of the vehicle and be aware that your insurance and waivers may be void if you are in breach.

4 Return

You might incur additional charges if you return the vehicle at a different time or place to that agreed with us or if it is in a particularly dirty or smelly condition. Smoking in the vehicle will incur an extra charge.

5 Out of Hours Return

If we agree to you returning outside location hours, please be aware that you will be responsible for the vehicle until our staff locate it when the location re-opens.




Third party insurance is included in your rate and protects you or any authorised driver against claims from any other person for death, injury or damage to property if you have an accident.

You can have 3 different levels of insurance:

Premium: total insurance with no franchise for any damage and  in case of theft 

Medium: small franchise of 550,00 euro and 1.500,00 euro franchise in case of theft 

Small (included in the car rent): no franchise in case of accident,  800,00 franchise in case of your fault car's damage, 2.000,00 euro franchise in case of theft )






Your rental is provided with a full tank of fuel. You can either return the vehicle full or pay for us to refill the tank for you at the rate shown on your Rental Agreement.

You can choose to pay for a whole tank of fuel in advance so you don’t need to fill the tank on return (although no refund will be given for any unused fuel).


A basic breakdown service is included in your rental to cover call outs for mechanical faults and accidents: you will have car service and pick up in case of stop of the vehicle included in the price.



Your rate includes all compulsory equipment.

You can choose from our range of additional equipment and services, including child seats, winter tyres, snow chains, subject to availability at each location.


We do not cover you for any parking fines, private parking charges, road tolls or traffic violations you incur on your trip. We will process these on your behalf, pass on the charge and add an administration fee.




Your Rental Agreement is the document you sign when you pick up your vehicle (generally headed “Rental Agreement” or “Rental Record”) which includes a summary of your rental (e.g. length, services taken and an estimate of charges to be paid). By signing, you indicate that these details are correct as well as your acceptance of:

– these Rental Terms; and any Country Specific Terms provided (i.e. local variations and additions to these Rental Terms).

The Rental Agreement is made with the Best of Mas 

: We are responsible to you for providing the vehicle in good overall and operating condition and for replacing the vehicle in the event of breakdown. Our responsibility covers death or personal injury resulting from our acts or omissions. It does not extend to other losses arising from your rental unless they are a direct and foreseeable result of our negligence or breach of these Rental Terms. In this case our responsibility to you will not cover loss of profits or loss of opportunity.

Yours: You must care for, use and return the vehicle in accordance with this Rental Agreement.

Please read the Rental Agreement carefully to understand your obligations in full.


We typically reserve an amount on your credit card (or take a deposit) OF 500,00 EURO. This will be released (or repaid) on return following payment of the rental charges. For full details please check with the location at time of pick-up or online before travelling.


You are responsible for returning the vehicle in the condition we provided it in, subject to fair wear and tear. You will be responsible to us, to the extent allowed under applicable law, for any additional damage found on return.

Use: The vehicle belongs to us and you may not sub-rent, transfer or sell it. You may not use the vehicle:

  • –  To carry passengers for remuneration (e.g. as a taxi or car sharing arrangement or similar).
  • –  Off road or on roads unsuitable for the vehicle (including racetracks).
  • –  When it is overloaded with passengers and/ or baggage.
  • –  To tow or push any vehicle, trailer or other object (without our express permission).
  • –  To carry anything which may harm the vehicle (including explosive or combustible materials) or delay our ability to rent the vehicle again (because of its condition or smell).
  • –  To carry cargo for remuneration (except in the case of trucks and vans).
  • –  To take part in any race, rally or other contest.
  • –  In restricted areas, including airport service roads and associated areas.
  • –  In contravention of any traffic or other regulations.
  • –  For any illegal purpose.

Authorised drivers: Only the renter and any other person authorised by us may drive the vehicle, although they may not drive if they are over-tired or under the influence of any substance that may impair their consciousness or ability to react, such as alcohol, drugs or certain medication.



If you do not comply with these Rental Restrictions:
– You will be responsible for any damage,losses and expenses we suffer as a result. Youmaylosethebenefitofanyinsurance or waivers of liability you have taken. WemayterminatetheRentalAgreement and take the vehicle back at any time at  your expense.


You are responsible for all fines, road tolls, congestion charges and other similar charges (including parking fines or charges) incurred in relation to the vehicle during your rental. Some of these will be sent to us for payment, which we will pay and recover from you by way of reimbursement. Alternatively, we may be required to provide your details to the relevant authority, who will contact you directly.

: If you experience any problem with the vehicle due to mechanical failure or accident you should call the break down service and we will arrange help. Although this service is included in your rate, you will be responsible to us for any breakdown : Please note that you must not allow anyone to service or repair the vehicle without our permission.


If you have an accident you agree to co-operate with us and our insurers in any investigation or subsequent legal proceedings. You must also take the following steps:

Notification: You must inform the location in any event, and Emergency Roadside Assistance if there is damage to the vehicle, using the numbers on the Country Specific Terms or the Rental Agreement. Report the accident to the police as soon as you can if anyone has been injured or property has been damaged. Please check Country Specific Terms (given to you at the counter) for any additional requirements or variations.

Do Not Admit Fault: Take the name and address of everyone involved, including witnesses, and collect the information requested on the ARF.


If you fail to comply with these accident instructions your waiver products may be void. Please check your Country Specific Terms for full requirements.

: You are responsible for all losses incurred by us to the full value of the vehicle if the vehicle is lost or damaged during your rental and our costs unless the loss or damage is directly due to us or we have been reimbursed by a third party or their insurers.


Your liability to us may include (amongst others):
– Cost of repairs - loss of rental income.
– Towing and storage charges.

– Loss in value of the vehicle.
– An administration charge to recover our costs for dealing with these issues and any related claim.

Security: You are responsible for the security of the vehicle and should try to minimise the risk of theft or vandalism by parking in a safe place. Always remove valuable items (including any removable radio, DVD player or NeverLost unit) from sight and make sure the vehicle is locked. You must also comply with our return instructions (see Return below).

Theft: If the vehicle is stolen you need to inform the police, call Emergency Roadside Assistance as soon as you can and complete an ARF (see the Accident procedure above). You must be able to show that you have taken appropriate care by returning the keys to us, otherwise our applicable waiver products will be invalid.

Your rate automatically includes Third Party Liability Insurance which protects you and any authorised driver against claims from any other person for death, personal injury or damage to property caused by the vehicle during the rental.


To the extent allowed under applicable law, our insurance and waiver products will be void if you breach these Rental Terms, or if the loss or damage is caused intentionally. Our waivers may also be invalid if the loss or damage is caused by the gross negligence of you or an authorised driver.



If you return the vehicle out of hours you will remain fully responsible for the vehicle, including any damage, until we are able to locate it. A change to the Return Time might involve an increase to your rental charges, because a different (current) rate may apply. If you change Return Location we may charge a One Way Fee to cover our cost of returning the vehicle to its original location. Some charges can’t be finally determined on return, such as for major damage or any fines we receive relating to your rental. We will notify you of any such charges and arrange for payment when these are identified.


Additional Driver

We apply a standard fee for each additional driver added to your rental to cover our additional insurance costs.

One Way Fee

May apply if you return the vehicle to a location different from the start location. You will be advised at the time of reservation if your journey is permissible.

Delivery & Collection Charges

Apply if you request that your rental vehicle is delivered to or collected from a location other our rental location.

Insurance & Waiver Options

The Rental Agreement will show if our insurance and waiver options have been accepted or declined by you or are otherwise included in your rate.

Optional equipment

The Rental Agreement lists any optional equipment you have selected, such as baby/ child seats, winter tyres, Neverlost



Estimated Rental Charges

Your total estimated charges at the start of the rental including tax. Charges are ‘estimated’ because they exclude any potential fuel or other charges you may incur through your use of the vehicle during your rental.

Total Estimated Rental Charges

The Estimated Rental Charges plus the maximum fuel charge you could incur if you return the vehicle empty (i.e. a full tank of fuel with a refuelling service charge at current rates).


You may incur additional charges as a result of your use of the vehicle or other incidents that occur during the rental. These include the following:


Fuel Purchase Option : You pay for a full tank upfront (although no refunds are given for any unused fuel).

Refuelling Price : If you don’t fill up the vehicle on return and haven’t opted for FPO, we will charge you a price per litre to fill the tank.

Refuelling Service Charge : Applies on top of the amount charged for refuelling if we fill the tank for you on return and you have not taken FPO.


Damage/Loss Charges

Apply if the vehicle is lost or damaged to the full value of the vehicle, or (ii) if you have taken our waivers to the excess amount.

Damage Administration Charge*

Fixed charge to recover our costs for dealing with damage caused to the vehicle.

Extra Cleaning Charge*

Applies if you return the vehicle needing more than our standard cleaning to make it ready for its next rental.

Smoking Charge*

Smoking is prohibited in all vehicles. This covers our costs of preparing the vehicle for the next rental.


Local Road and Toll Charges

You are responsible for paying all local road and toll charges applicable to your rental.

Traffic Fines and Penalties

You are responsible for paying the full penalty for any parking fine or charge, traffic fine or other penalty you incur during your rental.

Fines Administration Charge*

Standard charge to recover our costs of dealing with any road charge, parking fine or charge, traffic fine or other penalty you incur during your rental.


Early Return Charge*

Applies if you did not prepay your rental charges, committed to a rental term and then brought the vehicle back early. You will only pay for the days used, but we reserve the right to make this charge to compensate us in part for our inability to rent your vehicle during the remaining time reserved for your use.

Additional Rental Days

You may be charged an extra day’s rental for each 24 hour period entered into following the return time at then current rental rates, although you are allowed a ‘grace period’ of 2 HOURS to return the vehicle after the agreed return time.

Late Return Charge*

In addition to charging Additional Rental Days for late return, we reserve the right to make this charge to compensate us in part for the costs we incur in finding an alternative vehicle to satisfy our next booking for your vehicle plus our administration costs in contacting you to return the vehicle.


Fuel is not included in your rental rate. Your vehicle will be provided with a full tank of fuel and you can decide how you wish to pay for the fuel you use during your rental. You have the following options:

Often referred to as a “full to empty” policy – this is our Fuel Purchase Option (FPO).

If you purchase a full tank of fuel from us at the start of your rental, you will not need to refill the tank before returning and will have nothing more to pay for fuel.

This is a good option for high mileage journeys where you are likely to use a full tank.


A good option if you are in a hurry, did not take FPO and do not have time to refill the tank on return.

For your convenience we generally provide two estimates of charges on your Rental Agreement to illustrate the potential cost of returning the vehicle without refuelling:

  • –  without fuel (i.e. assumption that the vehicle is returned full); and
  • –  with a full tank of fuel included (i.e. assumption that the vehicle is returned empty to show the maximum charge);

Fuel charges

We will charge you a price per litre to refill the tank, including or in addition to a Refuelling Service Charge for our service of re-fuelling for you. These prices are indicated on your Rental Agreement.

Fuel Purchase Option (FPO)

We charge you at the start of your rental for a full tank of fuel at a price competitive with local fuel stations. You will have nothing more to pay to us for your fuel. Please note that we do not provide a refund for unused fuel.

Often referred to as a “full to full” policy.

Return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel purchased from a local petrol station.

This is a good option for low mileage journeys.


Fuel gauges may still indicate that the tank is “full” many miles after it was last re-filled. To deal with this practically, we ask you to refill the tank within 10 miles/15 km of the return location and bring your fuel receipt with you when returning the vehicle. If you do not do so, we reserve the right to apply a small charge – please ask at the counter for details.


Your responsibility for damage to the vehicle is set out at the Damage and Theft section of the Rental Terms. This policy covers how we assess and charge for damage and how we deal with any disputes relating to damage assessed.


We will provide a summary of any damage on the Vehicle Condition Report (VCR) at the start of the rental. Please check to make sure it is correct. We will also inspect the vehicle on your return and provide a VCR to record any new damage, which will not include any fair wear and tear.


There are three common scenarios:

i. Simple damage – agreed on return

For simple damage agreed with you on return, we will charge you in line with our damage matrix (see below) and include the cost in your final invoice.

ii. Simple damage – not agreed because you are not present

If you are not present on return, but the damage is simple, our counter staff will evaluate the charge using the damage matrix, notify you by mail/ email and charge you through the final invoice. We aim to complete this within 24 hours of the end of the rental. We will shortly amend this process to ensure that you are notified of the damage at least seven days before we charge your credit card.

Fair wear and tear

This means “ordinary wear due to reasonable use” and includes minor scratches and chips, small dents and normal wear on tyre treads and wiper blades. Exact criteria can vary from country to country – check the back of your VCR for details.

At peak times you should allow 20 to 30 minutes to complete the inspection with our staff and agree any damage. If you don’t have time to do this any new damage will be assessed in your absence.

Hidden damage: Some damage will not be apparent on post-rental inspection, such as damage caused to inaccessible parts of the vehicle (e.g. the engine, fuel tank or clutch) or hidden by adverse light or weather conditions. If we find any such damage we will notify you, with evidence, before we charge you.

iii. Significant damage

If the damage is significant and is not covered by the damage matrix we will refer it to our damage assessors for evaluation. They will write to you identifying the damage and the charge, with evidence, seven days before charging your credit card. We aim to complete this assessment in 30 to 90 days.


  1. 1  If you dispute a damage charge we will

send full information, including any arguments and supporting evidence you provide, to our Collections Department, who will re-evaluate the case. If they agree with you, no charge will be made or you will be refunded in whole or in part. If they do not agree, they will proceed to collect the sum invoiced.

  1. 2  If you are not satisfied with our assessment, you can contact our Customer Relations Department, who will review the matter in full, refunding you as appropriate if they disagree with any charge made. They aim to deal with all customer contacts within 14 days.
  2. 3  If we are still unable to resolve the matter to your satisfaction we will refer you, where possible, to an independent adjudicator, whose decision will be binding on us.

For full details and contact information, please see Annex 6 (Contacts).

Notification and evidence

We will provide evidence of any damage charge we make, which should include (i) the Rental Agreement number, date and return location, (ii) a damage appraisal from a repair body shop and/ or the invoice for the repairs, and (iii) a signed VCR, any Accident Report Form, photographs of the damage in situ and of the odometer.


We provide to cover the principal risks you incur when driving the vehicle.





TPLI is automatically included in your rental rate. It:

Meets all legal requirements for third party liability.
Protects you and any authorised driver against claims from any other person (including your passengers) for death, personal injury or damage to property caused by your use of the vehicle during your rental.

To the extent allowed under applicable law your insurance and waiver products will be void and no longer protect you if:

You are in breach of your obligations under the Rental Agreement – see in particular the Rental Restrictions section of the Rental Terms.

The loss or damage is caused intentionally. The driver was not authorised by Best of Mas as the main or additional driver.


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