Wine is food's best friend...

Tuscany is not only art and landscape, but also food and wine…food and wine are a culture here: in our tradition wine and food can not be separated, we drink and we eat… we eat and we drink!

Our wines were born to clean the mouth from food and here you can learn how to drink and taste: to taste a wine is very different from drinking it, let me teach you the differences.

Come with me to discover  where the most important wines of Tuscany were born: Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano, Chianti Classico Gallo nero, discovering the territory where they were born, discovering the foods that they are connected with and the towns connected to them and their history and legends.

For us it is impossible to separate  history from the food and the wine…



Enjoying cooking together


Cooking is fun!

You are invited to become part of a Tuscan family sharing the work in the kitchen.  You’ll learn to prepare home made pasta using only your hands..the best way to understand tuscan people and their life's style.


Cooking class with Checca and Babi: best friends forever

We are Checca and Babi, we are friends from 40 years, the, being only child, we decided to be sisters...forever...

After 40 years we are still best friends and we enjoy to cook and tech cooking together...

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